Midway City provides its residents with both culinary water and sanitation systems. Yearly water testing and reports of the culinary water are available. Online payment is available as well as mail or drop off payment at the city office.


To set up a new account or for questions about your culinary water billing please contact:

Jennifer Sweat

City Treasurer

TEL: 435-654-3223 (#101)

FAX: 435-654-4120

EMAIL: jsweat@midwaycityut.org

If you are a title company wanting to get assessments for water or sewer for a property located in Midway City please email jsweat@midwaycityut.org with the change of ownership form.

For questions regarding Midway Sanitation District please contact:

Midway Sanitation District Increase information can be found here:

Becky Wood

Midway Sanitation District Manager


Other Utilities Serving the Midway Area

Heber Light & Power

Dominion Energy

Wasatch County Solid Waste

Midway Irrigation Company
801-420-6158 – Mike Kohler
435-671-7210 – Tom Horner


Department Staff

Jennifer Sweat

City Treasurer / Certified Public Funds Investment Manager (CPFIM)

Email: jsweat@midwaycityut.org

Phone: 435-654-3223 x 101

Lindy Rodabough

Assistant to the Treasurer

Email: lrodabough@midwaycityut.org

Phone: 435-654-3223 x 108

Becky Wood

Midway Sanitation District Manager

Email: bwood@midwaycityut.org

Phone: 435-654-3223 x 104